A bunch of hyperlinks pointing to web sites I found interesting to keep for a while on this page. If you are on a lap/desktop, you can use CTRL+F to search on this page. If you know what you are looking for and think it might be in the list. Alternatively you can use these shortcuts:

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I know in times of super search on the fly and always in the cloud, it is a bit silly to keep and curate an uncomplete list like this. Many of these hyperlinks come from social media profiles I followed on Twitter between 2008 and 2018, and between 2021 and 2023. I was shocked and surprised to discover how little time I have spent all these years on all these (personal) web sites. The content is so much richer compared to those tiny tweets and posts. This largely unordered list is my personal segway to rediscover the open web.

Artists / People

Computer Aided Art



Art World



ffmprovisr, ffmpeg (Joshua Davis) / Scribus, Open source Desktop Publishing / Kdenlive, Open Source Video Editor / Gimp / Inkscape / Nextcloud / Kolab / Mahara / Mattermost / Moodle, a popular learning management system / Pale Moon / Switching Software/ / GNU/Linux out-of-the-box / StationX / Star Labs / Entroware / Tuxedo / Juno / System76, Pop!OS / Purism / Elementary / Eli Heuer / Serge van Ginderachter / Riccardo Padovani / Mazi / Video editors for Linux / Mastodon / Cheap Bots, Toot Sweet / Pleroma / Diaspora / Peertube / Funkwhale / Pixelfed / Framasoft / Yunohost / GNUsocial / appear.in / DuckDuckGo / Ubuntu-touch / Mailpile / Better, Better in gnome / Birdgenie / indie / Webrecorder.io / Iogram / Wickeditor / Matrix - An open network for secure, decentralized communication / Software Library: C64 / P2P2 foundation / Alternatives to Google Products – the Complete List / A list of Free Software network services / Fedi search / Adrian Geek's DRM free movie list / Libreture, DRM free ebooks / A search engine of PeerTube videos and channels Developed by Framasoft / Openframworks / Matrix / Senfcall / Dino is a modern open-source chat client for the desktop. / Delta chat / Element / Penpot (free Figma) / Owncast, Owncast is a self-hosted live video and web chat server / Plausible, better alternative for Google Analytics / Starling is a decentralized storage application /

Society & Privacy