Hans Verhaegen
Frederic Robert Georges

April 2 - 29

Galerie Rivoli, ground floor #27
690, chaussée de Waterloosesteenweg (Bascule)
BE-1180 Brussels
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, 1 - 5.59 p.m.
visit by appointment: hello at thisplay dot us

During Art Brussels 2016:
Monday 18/4 - Sunday 24/4, 1 - 5.59 p.m. (Closed on Thursday 21/4)
Wednesday 20/4, 1 - 8.59 p.m. (Brussels Gallery Night at Rivoli)

Join us for the opening on Saturday 2/4, 1 - 6 pm is the first joint exhibition by Hans Verhaegen and Frédéric Robert Georges. It is about images and the dynamics of snapshots played by a human or by a code.

It is also about our desire for visual contemplation to lead our minds through a state of being where one might first meet the loneliness of subjectivity, and then become confused with the unspecified place that we are all sharing, when subjectivity meets nothing but the dance of spontaneity.

This first public collaboration by Hans Verhaegen and Frédéric Robert Georges is showing at Galerie Rivoli in Brussels.