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Hans Verhaegen

Unpainted prints

”My unpainted prints have also something in common with photography. A camera is a machine that captures in a certain way, an instance of what you think you can see through it.
Nowadays it saves a picture of the stream of realities happening before it into a digital file. We still like to think photographs depict a true reality. They are probably only illusions.

The small pieces of software I write, produce animations, a stream of compositions ruled by the instructions contained in the code. Just like the photographer, I only push a button to keep an instance of what I think I saw. The images I keep to print, are true visualisations of the instructions I wrote.

My prints aren't painted and they are also no objects by themselves. Contemplative in spirit, these colourful compositions represent probably instances of my fragmented perception of things.”

From the text 'This appearing at once', Hans Verhaegen, 2015

Hans Verhaegen

Hans Verhaegen works a lot with the computer. Short pieces of code produce animations that generate prints and videos. Recent work is characterized by Tetris-like human figures presented in clear grids or in complex abstract configurations. Experiments with shapes and colours somewhere between chaotic order and calculated intuition. The recurrent basic human form gives the animations and prints a very bright and often humorous tone but also betray a slightly darker vision on the human condition.

Twitter: @hansup

Contact: hans (at) thisplay (dot) us