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Frédéric Robert Georges


”It amuses me to say that Chromozoïds is a declassified 21st Century multi-government secret art project that aims to create sustainable happiness for people. It is a fiction that pretends that Chromozoïds recodes creatively our DNA and works to improve our acceptance of happiness. This might be true for the recoding part, as those images have a strong presence, and, as I am experiencing , they continue to fascinate me.

Chromozoïds are snapshots. Each one of them has been made out of a flow of furtive uncontrolled realities and captured by a click. I started to make them in December 2011 after having accepted to again change some of my preconceived ideas about what a photograph is, and after having reconsidered the manner in which I use a camera.

I would like to keep some mystery about the origins of Chromozoïds, because I prefer them to be and to remain in an unspecified place free of any memory. They might seem only to be images, a surface, but I like to believe their raw nature inherited from spontaneity and their aesthetic qualities help us to reconnect, with grace, with some deep layers of pure energy of our being, beyond our conditioning, beyond our words, in an unspecified place.”

Website: Chromozoïds

Frédéric Robert Georges

Frédéric Robert Georges is a Belgian artist and was born in December 1961. Having accomplished his photographic studies under the direction of Hubert Grooteclaes, he dreams of breaking new ground, following the examples of Robert Frank, Ralph Gibson or Guy Bourdin.

For him, photography and art are as much openings to the world at large as they are written testimonies of his own perceptions. Whilst looking through his camera lens to discover extraordinary subjects, he is amazed that discovery leads him back to his own self, every picture and every creation undergoing a first reading, which is none other than a questioning of his innermost world.
Might this innermost reality stand close to our ‘reliable Natural’, to what eastern traditions like to name ‘The Natural’?

Frédéric Robert Georges is the pseudonym of Frédéric Remouchamps. He is one of the four authors of the second manifesto of arealism.

Contact: frederic (at) thisplay (dot) us