Tumult by Hans Verhaegen

Visuals for Jean Delouvroy concert, Friday 19 March 2014, Campo Victoria, Ghent, Belgium

Visuals for a Jean Delouvroy concert in Gent (19/03/2014). Different animations running in the same Processing presentation with keyboard control. One part of the animation automatically reacts to the sounds.

Tumult by Hans Verhaegen
↳ Screenshot of visuals, Tumult Festival, Ghent, Belgium
About the CD

The concert is the first public presentation of Jean Delouvroy’s most recent double CD. Listen and buy the album.

About the concert

Jean is playing at 19:00 (Grote Zaal, Campo Victoria)
More info about the festival.

Interview (NL) in Svn’s Corky Corner: Konterfeitsel#1: Jean Delouvroy & Hans Verhaegen double whammy by Svn