Computer-aided art by Hans Verhaegen

Work in progress

Figures, animation, 2017
↳ Figures, animation, 2017

Recent work

Ada (8e), Digital Print, 2017
O&A generator, Digital Print, 2017
↳ O&A generator, Digital Print, 2017
Nimrud (5), Digital Print, 2016
↳ Nimrud (5), digital print, 2016
Wenk (a2), digital print, 2015
↳ OMS 12-1, digital print, 2016
Niku, 2016
↳ Niku, 2016

A text about Niku, an animation by Hans Verhaegen

Recent exhibition

Detail exhibition, 2016
↳ Group exhibition at Voorkamer, 2016

De Laatste Show, a Group exhibition, Saturday 24 September – Sunday 13 November 2016, Voorkamer, Lier, Belgium

In the archives

Prints and animations all have an official CR number. Preparations of an official catalogue raisonné are getting on well. Most difficult part is the work before 2002. Lot's of decisions to make. What to keep, what will slide into oblivion?

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